Pricing Structure

UK Snooker leagues who wish to use the website to administer their snooker league online will be able to do so free for 1 season, this will then give the league participants and administrator the opportunity to see the value of using this snooker website. After the free season and any season thereafter, there is no obligation to carry on using and paying for the site.

After the first season, a snooker league will be charged £1.50 per player, per season. For singles leagues the charge is £3.50 per player, per season.

Example 1 - A snooker league may have 25 teams and 5 players in each team, therefore the league would be charged £162.50 a season. (Although teams may have more than 5 players registered per team no extra charge will be made).

Example 2 - A snooker league may have 20 teams and 6 players in each team, therefore the league would be charged £156 a season. (Although teams may have more than 6 players registered per team no extra charge will be made).

Value for money?

This website started out as an M.Sc. Computer dissertation back in February 2003. Since then it has been continuously refined and features have been added to suit the needs of any snooker league. I currently work as a web/database programmer and know that to purchase this website would cost between £35,000 and £40,000 for the sheer amount of research, expertise and refinement that has been put into its development. As no snooker league could afford such a price, it provides a good alternative to contribute a reasonable fee each season for this excellent service.

How is a league administrated?

Before a season starts, the administrator adds all the clubs, teams and fixtures from his league in a simple and easy way using web forms. He only needs to add each instance of a club, team or fixture once, so that when the season starts he logs in and adds firstly the result of the team, then the individual player result from the match card, he again only needs to type a players name once, so that during the season only numerical results need to be added each week. Cup fixtures and results are also added.

The information that appears on the public side of the website for the league players is all generated automatically, i.e. league tables, divisional player statistics, individual player results and match results. Therefore making the job of adding results very simple and easy to complete. When the administrator finishes adding the results he can send out an email to all subscribing users at the single click of a button notifying them that the weekly update has occurred. He can also send out his own customised email to all subscribing users to say promote the participation in a cup.

Other features the administrator can use is a news page, upload pictures from his league, i.e. the presentation evening, upload sponsor pictures/images and text, type out a roll of honour and add future seasons. All results from previous seasons are stored indefinitely, so that league players on the public side of the website can go back and look at every result from years ago. The administrator controls the adding of people who can use the forum, they can then post messages at will.

The task of adding every team and player results, along with cup results for 4 divisions typically takes 1 hour per week!

If a league administrator does not have enough experience of using the Internet or have the time to input data into the website database, a good alternative is to pass on the match cards to another person within the league, this system has worked well for the Stafford & District Billiards and Snooker leagues.

Join the community/league setup

Your league can be quickly setup so that you can try using the admin area and let your league players see what the site has to offer. I only need the following information to setup a league:

1. Name of League
2. County of League
3. Season Dates
4. Number of Divisions
5. How many teams in your league?
6. Does your league table include points?
7. Does your league have matches that can be a draw?
8. Does your league have individual player handicaps?
9. If your league has individual player handicaps, would you like to automatically update handicaps after each game? If so, by how many points?
10. Does your league have individual matches that can be a draw, e.g. John Smith 1 v 1 Paul Jones?
11. Does your league record individual frame score results, e.g. John Smith 45 v 76 Paul Jones?
12. Does your league have a Premier league?
13. Does your league table include penalties?
14. Are your league's cup matches played at neutral clubs?
15. Do your league matches include doubles fixture(s)?
16. Is your league a singles league (no teams)?
17. Does your league record a players highest break of the season in league and cup matches?
18. How many individual matches are there in a league match?
19. How many individual frames are there in a league match?
20. Name and Email address of the website administrator (Telephone number is optional)
21. Administrator Username and Password


Once a snooker league starts using the site, they will receive complete support and advice on how to administer their league. Although in most cases this should not be necessary as the task of administering a league has been designed to be simple and easy to complete.

If any problems occur when using the site, please notify, and they will be resolved asap.


To promote the website within your league I suggest you print off the following poster and ask all your leagues clubs to pin up the poster on their notice board

Browser Issues

This website uses javascript jump menu's extensively, therefore a user who uses Internet Explorer 6.0 and wishes to view information from different divisions may have problems due to the security settings in the browser. To overcome this, click on 'Tools' at the top of the page, 'Internet Options', 'Security', 'Trusted Sites', 'Sites', and then add as a trusted site.

Another alternative is to download the Mozilla Firefox Browser