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The above took place at Cambridge Snooker Centre at 7.30pm; it was attended by the Vice-Chairman, Record Secretary, General Secretary Treasurer and 2 Delegates. Apologies were received from Mick White and Colin Denny.
The Treasurer advised that we had income for the period of £1496.21 and expenditure of £275.60 leaving our Bank Balances at £2668.80. He also highlighted that as we still do not have a Sponsor we must continue to watch the pennies and suggested the expenditure for Trophies for this season be limited to £500. The lack of a Sponsor in the long term will obviously have an effect on the way we run our League and ask all to help us to find one. Two players stepped forward and donator £75 each, on behalf of our League I thank them for their generosity.
The General Secretary asked all present if they had found the Calendar of Events useful with planning and all agreed it had. He also read out letters from 2 clubs complimenting how the League was being run and in particular how the fixtures and results were being dealt with promptly.
The Record Secretary was pleased with the way matches were being conducted and the results being posted on WhatsApp. There was however one Billiards match that is still outstanding the reason was due to an accident, a proposal by Tony Car and seconded by John Benson for it to be deemed as extenuating circumstances was carried unanimously.(a date for it to be played during the next 10 days has since been agreed).
In AOB a club has asked if The League could consider having 4 man teams at snooker as some matches in the lower divisions were finishing very late, as this would require a rule change at our AGM it had to be left in abeyance but pointed out there is nothing in our rules to stop matches starting earlier. It was brought up that our rule in respect of player transfers needs rewriting, again this has to be left for a proposal and discussion at our AGM. A convenient date for The Bert Charge has still to be found and an agreed format for the Ranji has still to be agreed.
Meeting Closed 8.43pm.
The next meeting will be The AGM on Monday 8th June 2020 unless there are issues that may arise which require attention.
Peter L Johnson
Hon General Secretary
The above took place at Cambridge Snooker Centre at 7.30 pm and was attended by the Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, delegates for Bottisham, Sawston, CWMC and 5 players. Apologies were received from Tony Carr, Andy Plumb, Colin Denny Jamie Sanderson and Russell Huxter.
The minutes of the last meeting dated 11th March 2019 had been circulated and were approved.
In the absence of The Treasurer the General Secretary reported on his behalf that the League had income for the period of £647 and expenditure of £35.32 leaving our bank balances at £1448.19. We have no debtors but a fine of £25 will lay dormant as the club concerned are not entering a team in our League this season. A donation of £175 was given to our League by a generous member as he felt that our Handbook should continue and this should preserve it for at least a further 5 years.
The General Secretary reported on the sad passing away of Ted Newton who for many years had been an important part of our League both as a player and acting as General Secretary from 1982-2000 even after falling ill he was always available to give us help and guidance, we held a short silence in his memory and a donation was sent to The Kidney Trust. The efforts to secure multi sponsors or a single sponsor had floundered so we are left facing another season without one, but efforts will continue. Cambridge sent 2 three man Billiards teams to Kings Lynn to play in the Eastern Counties Billiards League Championships, the first team were runners up on countback the second team propped up the second division, all players paid their own entry fees so as not to be a burden on the finances of the League.
In the absence of the Record Secretary the General Secretary reported on his behalf. The Billiards League had received 8 entries (now 7) and his proposal was for One Division to be played on a handicapped basis to commence on Tuesday 24th September and stop for Xmas on Tuesday 17th December they will start again on Tuesday 7th January 2020 and finish on Tuesday 14th April 2020.At Snooker 26 entries have been received and it was proposed that three divisions be formed giving 8 in 1 and 9 in the other 2, the delegates present voted in favour of an 8,8,and 10 format as this would give less free weeks . Following the meeting the R.S. pointed out that this would have the adverse effect and make the season longer and also affect promotion and relegation issues, all club delegates were subsequently canvassed for their opinion and agreed with the Record Secretary’s original proposal. The Snooker League will now start on Thursday/Friday 10th/11th October and cease for Xmas on the5th/6th December and recommence on the 9th/10th January 2020 and finish on the 26th/27th March 2020.Please check the website as these dates may vary depending on which Division you are playing in. When the League gets underway delegates will be sent individual entry forms for all Cup competitions. A calendar of dates and events will also be produced and sent to all.
In AOB the question of the £25 fine for non-attendance of our AGM was challenged as it was felt did nothing for the promotion of our sport it was pointed out that any change requires a proposal for consideration at our AGM but if abolished would probably mean that the League would probably cease to function democratically without the support of its clubs and delegates. The structure and the way we finance The Bert Charge Memorial Billiards Trophy was questioned, following an explanation by the General Secretary all seem happy that it was not a burden on the finances of the League.
A new Rulebook was published by the WPBSA on the 12/8/19 a copy of which can be downloaded from their website. There is also an explanatory document explaining the key changes to the rules, there is one new rule the others are updates and clarifications. The main ones we should be aware of are: - Section 3 Rule 14 Foul and a Miss. There is a more detail explanation in the rules but simply: - At the snookers required stage a miss can now be called when the scores are level or become level as a result of a foul. In Section 2 Rule 19 Push Stroke has been clarified and reads as follows: - A push stroke is made when the tip of the cue remains in contact with the cue ball. (A) After the cue ball has commenced its motion other than momentarily at the point of contact or (B) As the cue ball contacts an object ball except, where the cue ball and object ball are almost touching, it shall not be deemed a push stroke if the cue ball hits a very fine edge of the object ball. The Push Stroke rule applies to both Snooker and Billiards.
Meeting Closed 8.35pm
Next Meeting: - A date will be set when it is known that all the Officers are available.
The Bert Charge Memorial Billiards Trophy was scheduled for the 6th October 2019 but has now been postponed until later in the season.
Peter L Johnson
Hon General Secretary
Cambridge & District Billiards and Snooker League.