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Rule regarding teams unable to field full complement of players.

This rule was adopted in 2016 at a meeting of team captains and can be used only FOUR TIMES in a season by any individual team.

If a team is unable to field 6 players, the match can continue with up to two players playing twice. However, the opposition captain must be informed that the team does not have 6 players BEFORE the match starts (or as soon as possible if a player cries off after the match has started) and he will decide which player(s) will play twice. If the player nominated to play twice is UNABLE TO DO SO, it is hoped the teams can come to a sensible agreement to sort the matter out. If agreement cannot be reached, the game will be forfeited with an aggregate score of 100-zero and the point being awarded to the team with more players.

Proposal to clarify Final League positions from 2024- 25 onwards (to be ratified)
The league table is constructed using the total number of points a team accumulates in its matches throughout the season.
In the case where two teams finish the season on equal points, their position in the league table will be determined by the number of matches they have won. If they both have won the same number of matches the teams will be considered to have equal position unless the teams in question are at the top of the league. In this case the league winners will be the team who won the most points in their head to head matches during the season (ie.1 pt for each game won and 1 for the winning aggregate in each match). If again these are equal there will be a playoff game to decide the champions.