Formby & District Snooker League

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League Rules 2019/2020

Teams shall consist of 6 players and home captains shall be responsible for providing referees and markers. The home captain shall nominate tables and the pairings shall be alternate where the home captain puts the first name down.
Teams must register a minimum of 7 players, to be submitted at the August meeting. After this meeting additional registrations up to 31st December must be made by contacting the Secretary 24 hours before the new player is required to play. No new players may be signed by any team or transferred between teams after 31st December without the express approval of the Committee. The player registration fee must be sent with the application which will be returned if the application fails to be approved. The Secretary can use his discretion in exceptional circumstances. Teams fielding a player who is not registered will incur a 1 point fine and shall concede that frame.
Players are allowed to register for 1 team only and the Committee must agree transfers.
Matches shall be played on Wednesdays commencing at 7.30pm where clubs have 1 table or 8.00pm where clubs have 2 or more tables. When a match does not start within 15 minutes of the allotted start time, the defaulting team shall forfeit 1 frame for each table not in use. Clubs are requested to make sure their facilities are open 30 minutes prior to the start of a match. The Northern club have requested that where the other team agree, their matches can commence at 7.30pm.
Team captains shall be responsible for the continuity of the match. Continuity shall be broken if the interval between frames on both tables exceeds 15 minutes. Defaulting teams shall forfeit 1 point for each breach of the rule
If a team fails to provide 6 players for a match, the word 'Absent' must be put on the scorecard in the appropriate place. The team shall concede that/those frames. If this is known to have been abused with a false name inserted on the scorecard BOTH teams involved in the match shall be fined 1 point. Where a team suspects or knows for certain they are to be short they should advise the opposing captain before the first names are placed on the card. Any team which turns up for a match with 3 or fewer players, or fails to turn up at all without a minimum of 48 hours notice being given to both the opposing team captain and the league secretary, unless there are truly extenuating circumstances, shall lose all the points for that match. Any team which does this 3 times in a season will automatically be expelled from the League. The League Committee shall be the sole arbiter of what constitutes truly extenuating circumstances and whether they were such that adequate notice could no be given. If a team is expelled under such circumstances, no refund of any fees already paid to the league will be made.
Scoring in League matches shall be 1 point per frame won.
Both captains shall sign result cards and the home captain is responsible for ensuring that cards are received by the Secretary no later than the Saturday following the match. E-Mailed copies are accepted by the deadline but the original result card must follow by the next meeting. Late cards will result in 1 point being deducted from the home side and a further 1 point for each week the card is not delivered.
In the event of a tie on points for the League Championship the teams concerned shall play off on neutral tables as arranged by the Committee. In the event of 2 or more teams tying for second place in the League the team having won most points in their head to head meetings shall be runners-up. If this fails to separate the teams concerned, the team which won most games shall be awarded runners-up. If none of these resolves the issue, a play off match on neutral tables will be played.
In the event of a match being abandoned through light failure or other cause, frames completed shall count and completion of the fixture shall take place within 28 days.
In the event of a match being postponed no players who played in a match on the scheduled night of the match can play in the rearranged match. All replays must be completed within 28 days of the original date, the 'Innocent' party to supply 3 different days in separate weeks, 1 of which must be accepted.

The Joe Rigby Handicap League will consist of 2 groups with each team playing each other once. Matches will be played as per normal league matches except players will play off their allotted individual handicaps. Pairings shall be alternate but the team to put first name down shall be determined by the toss of a coin. In the event of a tie on points, the winner shall be the team with the better head to head score. If this fails to determine the winners then the team with most wins will prevail. If this fails to determine the winners then the team that received fewer fines will win. If necessary, a play off on neutral tables will be used to resolve the issue with a 7th frame used where the playoff is 3-3. The top two in each group will qualify for the semi-finals with the winner of group 1 playing the runner-up in group 2 and vice-versa.
Mobile phones must be silent with the screen switched off anywhere where they could distract a player at the table. Captains are responsible for ensuring that players and spectators are aware of, and adhere to, this request.
A single prize will be awarded to any player who achieves a century break in a league or competition frame during the current season.
Once a match has begun players involved in the match may not practise on empty tables as this is considered bad sportsmanship.