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Ricki Slack (Darley Dale and District Orme Snooker League) | Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I was just interested to see how people administer their leagues.

One or two things have not always gone totally smoothly in the past in our league so just wondering about the most successful methods.

Just a few questions:

1 When do you collect the seasons match fees, after every game, up front at the start of the season or every so often (in instalments) during the year?

2 How do your results get transmitted, is it via email, telephone or hard copy or a combination of the two (e.g. email for fast transmission, hard copy for confirmation later on). Do you have penalties for late results?

3 How often do you have league meetings and do you have penalties for non attendance?

4 How many cup competitions do you run and what are your entry fees per player for these? Also what happens if a match is not played at the stipulated time and you have heard nothing.

5 Do you have a maximum travelling time or distance between any teams in your league or is it just at the committee's discretion generally?

Thanks in advance if anyone gets time to post.
Steve W (Leamington & District Snooker League) | Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hi Ricki,

1. Our fees are collected in two installments. Half way fees are due at the end of January, and the second half fees at the end of May.

2. Matches get recorded on match cards and posted to me. Priors to this, I have a feature on our league website which allows captains to submit their result, which then emails me the results for me to enter into the admin area.

We have a 5 fine in place if I have not received the result or match card by the following Tuesday.

3. Normally once a month but we have considered making it once every 2 months. We tried having penalties for non-attendance, but found it difficult to enfoce. Do you fine the club? Or the team? We only ask that one member from a club (regardless of how many teams they have) attend a meeting. So if we fined the club, there would be arguments as to who is responsible for paying it.

4. We have two handicap team competitions which are free and part of the league season, and start in the second half of the season. Teams are handicapped based on their league positions at the half way stage.

We then have 6 individual competitions run during the season, culminating in a finals week. Entry is effectively 2 per player

Singles - 2 per player - Best of 5 up to quarters, semis and final best of 7

Pairs - 4 per pair - At the moment this is aggregate score over 2 frames, with it being 3 frames in the final. I plan on returning to a best of 3 or 5 format.

Three Man - 6 per team - 6 individual frames, with decider if required

Under 35s - 2 per player - Best of 3, semis and final best of 5

Over 50s - 2 per player - Handicapped, best of 3 frames

6 Reds - 2 per player - Best of 5, semis best of 7, final best of 9

If matches do not get played on time and I have heard nothing, both players/teams get disqualified.

At the end of the season we also have an "Averages" knockout competition, with the averages winner from each league team taking part in a straight one frame knockout. The competition is handicapped based on the player's team handicap given for the team league cup competitions.

5. No maximum distance.
Richard Ormiston (Stafford & District Snooker League) | Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In terms of - 2 How do your results get transmitted, is it via email, telephone or hard copy or a combination of the two (e.g. email for fast transmission, hard copy for confirmation later on). Do you have penalties for late results?

Administrators, once logged in, can click on the 'Email' link and then click on the button 'Send Weekly Notification' and this emails all people who are in the list above, i.e those who have subscribed to the emails from their league
Tony Beetham (Preston & District Snooker League) | Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hi Ricki
Here's how we do it in Preston...
1. We collect Team Registrations (30 per team) for the coming season the week after the last match of the old season.
Players' registrations of 1 per player are collected when we distribute the League Fixture Books one week before the start of the season.
2. Preferred method of submitting scorecards is by email as an attached file. (either scanned or as a digital scorecard) Next best is by First Class Post and for those who don't have a computer between them, can't write or understand the postal system there's the telephone. LOL.
Currently we have no penalty for late scorecards but this is a problem that is due to be addressed at the next AGM
3. As there are only the League Secretary and myself with any interest in administration we usually sort things out over the phone.
4. We run Individual, Over 50s, Pairs, 3-Man Team and 6-Man Team Competitions and charge 5 per Entry, except for the 6-Man Team for which the entry fee is included in the Team Registration Fee.
The onus is on the home drawn player/team to arrange the match before the stated closing date. Where a match has not been played before the closing date, the committee will assign a time and date within a week from the closing date.
5. Preston & District Snooker League is open to any team within a Ten Mile radius of Preston.
I hope this helps.

Ricki Slack (Darley Dale and District Orme Snooker League) | Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thanks for the replies so far, always interesting and helpful to see how things work elsewhere.

I've recently gotten hold of a copy of our rules and they badly need updating which is partly the reason for my questions plus we've had recurring problems with some of the specific points I mentioned (I'll explain below).

1 I suppose the problem is in educating team members to pay up front when they might not themselves play all the games for whatever reason, unless the captain pays it all and then gradually gets it back over the season.

Maybe two or three staggered payments might help with this but ideally you'd want the last of the money a good while before the end of the season.

2 It does seem email or phone contact to get the results on the site is the most efficient method with the hard copy to follow later as confirmation (this year we've still been waiting for the hard copy to input results on here, our first year on the internet).

3 We only tend to have meetings in the close season, the AGM and the registration meeting. I just wondered if some issues might be better administrated if we had a few more, though there does tend to be lack of attendance by some of the same clubs.

As our league's meetings mostly seem to be held in the same town, its probably worth spreading it around the clubs to make it fairer to all. I agree financial penalties for non attendance would be hard to enforce though, so points penalties would seem best to me.

4 We have had very poor entries in nearly all the cup competitions this year, charging 2 per person. I think the majority of the events originated when there were many more teams in the league and currently the pool of players is much less.

So part of the problem is too many events, especially when the period allocated to play each round is only 2 weeks for the job lot and all of them have to be arranged by the competitors themselves, hence alot of them don't actually get played on time. Maybe a series of staggered single week breaks designated to one or two events at a time would work better.

Also what I think is happening is that some players are entering the restricted-type events as they think there is more chance of winning them and then not entering the main open knockouts because of this.

Plus the duplication of some very similar-type events too which brings in a pick and choose scenario.

I was wondering if 2 was too much to charge but it seems in line with other leagues, though in the short term I wonder whether its worth going back to a quid in order to get them going again and standing the shortfall if there is one.

Perhaps making a couple of them automatic entry with the registration fee is another option (perhaps team ko and open individual).

5 I've been taking posters around as many clubs I can find in the area and am working roughly on about 35mins travelling time being acceptable, was thinking regionalisation may be an option if that proved a stumbling block and then could even expand more in each area though not sure it would come to that.

Joe Bayley. (Capt) (Urmston & District Snooker League) | Posted on Monday, October 3, 2011

Hi Rik
New to this site so just going through forum. Re League.
1. 10 per team at AGM. (Non refundable if team drops out) All monies including Ind/Pairs + Cup to be paid by Feb meeting.
2. Results to me by Thur.( Play on Tues) By card,email,post. Late returns =3pt deduction.
3.meeting every 4 weeks as we change the h/cap for players. (win -1. lose +1)
Non attendance at meeting results in 3pts deduction for ALL team a club have in the league.
We only allow 2 apoligies per season from any one team.
4. Two cups, One for each Div.
5.Travel distance is about 4 - 5 mile max for 1 or 2 clubs.
Since we brought in the deduction of points for late results and non attendance we have a full house every month. A meeting lasts about 35-45mins. As Sec I deal with most problems as they arise and unless it a real breach of rules have it sorted before the arguments start at meetings.
Hope this helps you, You need to be a hard ####### to run a league so get stuck in as most players think they are gods gift and can be completly selfish to guys like you who try to organise.
Good Luck.

Ricki Slack (Darley Dale and District Orme Snooker League) | Posted on Monday, October 3, 2011

Cheers for that. I'm not really a hard nut and just had the first match tonight with a new format which I spent more time worrying if everyone is enjoying it or not than concentrating on my own game I think! - some liked it and the odd one didn't but suppose thats always going to be the case with trying out new things.

I think our rule for league attendance is a bit daft personally. Anyone from a particular club can come along and represent all their teams in the league but what I find then is that often the proper captains aren't totally au fait with what has happened or what is about to happen! Plus sometimes they are owing money etc and no one gets the chance to see them at a meeting.

And the snooker players oddly get outnumbered by the billiard players at the AGM even though there are far more of them on a head count playing in the league, hence the billiards men often hold sway even on snooker matters too!
Ricki Slack (Darley Dale and District Orme Snooker League) | Posted on Monday, October 3, 2011

Where I say league attendance I mean league meeting attendance above, sorry.
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