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Chris Coumbe (Plymouth Billiards League) | Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hi all,

Does anyone use a handicap system in their snooker league where handicaps are adjusted every week? In other words, a player's handicap goes up by a point or two after they lose a frame, or down if they win.

We use this system in our billiards league (up or down 5) and it works well, but we are thinking of proposing something like this for our snooker league next season.

Does anyone have any feedback on this system or by how many points they adjust the handicaps with this method?


Chris Coumbe

Plymouth & District Snooker League
Richard Ormiston (League Snooker Administrators) | Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2016

This can be automated based on whether a player wins or loses, let me know if you would like that feature
Dale Roberts (+10) (Southport & District Amateur Snooker League) | Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2016

We use handicap in are summer league in the southport district league. Everyone has a starting handicap from +50 to -50 all depending on the quality of player. We play 4 singles and 2 doubles matches every week and for every win 3 points are taken from handicap so if you was on +10 then you wud now be on +7 but if you lose then 3 are added meaning you will now be on +13. We have been doing this for about 6/7 seasons now and every time there has been a different league winner so it seems to work well. Hope this helps
Ged McDonald (Liverpool Snooker League) | Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Liverpool Snooker uses the following handicap system:-

a) Players individual league handicaps will be discussed and set by the Handicap Committee and Secretaries prior to the start of the season, based on the players performance from the last quarter of the previous season. New players to the league, will be assessed by the Handicap Committee, based on knowledge of the new player, and in the absence of any knowledge, a starting handicap of scratch will be awarded.
b) Handicaps will be adjusted after each quarter. These adjustments will be based on the win/loss ratio of each player irrespective of number of games played in that quarter. One point will be added/deducted from the handicap for each differential. E.g. if a player wins four and loses two games, handicap will be reduced by 2 points, if a player wins one and loses four, the handicap will be increased by 3 points.
c) New players to the league will be subject to 2 point adjustments per win/loss ratio in their first season so that they attain their true handicap at the earliest opportunity. Players who join the league in the latter half of the season retain their double point adjustment until the halfway stage of the next season.
d) All players’ individual league handicaps will be set between –40pts and +50pts
e) The maximum handicap to be conceded in any frame will be

Hope this helps.

Chris Coumbe (Plymouth Billiards League) | Posted on Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thanks for your responses guys.
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