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Neil Fairbrother (Stafford & District Snooker League) | Posted on Saturday, October 28, 2006

To my knowledge, the use of the miss rule in the Stafford league is forbidden, based on what my dad said after attending the AGM (which I, this year, was unable to attend due to being on holiday). I'm not sure about Cardiff (and those are the only two leagues in which I play)- I make a point of never using the miss rule in any match I referee because I don't believe it should be a part of the game at our level. I certainly don't let anyone use it in the University club tournaments, where I am the Tournament Secretary for the club. I'm not sure whether it's used in BUSA. Maybe professionals should have it, but then it depends how well referees implement it, and it all gets into an incredibly complicated debate. And our leagues aren't professional, so that doesn't overly matter. Therefore it's an easy "no" to using the miss rule in amateur league snooker.
Steven McMillan (North Merseyside Catholic Snooker League) | Posted on Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hi Bill

I’m from the North Merseyside Snooker League.

Yes, we apply the miss rule in our league – it should be applied in all leagues, otherwise the rules of the game are not being applied. However, it should not be applied the way it is done in professional matches whereas virtually any non-contact is a miss.

The rule states that should the player not make a genuine attempt, (an attempt that the referee deems not to be genuine). However, there is certain instances where you don’t have a decision to make, a “no brainer”. If a player can see ANY part of the ball on and does not hit it, then a miss should be called.

It’s one of those things that will never die down – the rule has been in the game for almost ten years now I think!! I could delve further into this subject, but I wont for now, and will be interested to read other people’s replies.


Tony Wilson (Tunbridge Wells & District Snooker League) | Posted on Sunday, October 29, 2006

I agree with Steve - the Miss Rule is part of the WPBSA and EASB Rulebooks, and as such must be applied to amateur League matches. HOWEVER, the method by which it is applied is a matter for discussion/agreement at respective League level, and is one that we discussed at our League AGMs for a number of years. The ruling that we settled upon was that, if any part of the object ball is visible and is subsequently missed, then a "Miss" should be called. This is a simple interpretation of the Rule and is easy to adjudicate as it doesn't rely upon the (amateur) referees' discretion.
I believe that the "official bodies" of the game did agree to variations of interpretation at lower levels of the game - provided that the variations are unilaterally agreed, i.e. by AGM.
That said, I am aware that some teams within our League do reach "gentlemens' agreements" before or during matches, not to apply the Miss Rule !!

Tony W
Steve W (Leamington & District Snooker League) | Posted on Thursday, September 3, 2009

We do not recognise the rule in our league. We did in semi finals and finals of individual competitions, but that's been voted out this season.

I do think there is a case for it in the latter stages of individual competitions, I also believe there is room for the simple interpretation mentioned above i.e. only call a miss if the ball on can be seen directly (not a snooker).

But a drawback to this in league matches, is that league matches are refereed by players of the home team, and expecting them to check if a snooker is indeed a snooker could prove tricky. It could also cause arguments and ill feeling it certain circumstances.

Also, as we all know, in league snooker there is a wide range of abilities, from people just helping out who cannot play that well (even "easy" shots prove difficult), to people who can make big breaks. This is not the same as the professional game, where every player is capable of making centuries. This makes calling a miss very difficult.

Tony Beetham (Preston & District Snooker League) | Posted on Monday, October 26, 2009

I would like to add my support to Steve McMillan,(North Merseyside).
Throughout the four divisions of Preston & District Snooker league we enforce the Miss Rule.
Indeed, there are penalties when the Miss Rule is blatantly ignored.
Only last week we had an incident where an obvious "Miss" was ignored by the home referee which prompted the P&DSL to issue the following...

Rule 28a (Draft Proposal)
Should a player feel that “Foul and a Miss” should be called, they should in the first instance appeal to the referee.
If the referee refuses to acknowledge the “Miss Rule” and the shot in question is as defined in Rule 28 of the Handbook then the complainant should refuse to continue the frame and put his/her cue away.
Both players and the referee must then give their account of the incident to the Committee the following day who will rule, taking all accounts into consideration.
Should the Committee rule in favour of the complainant, the frame will be awarded to him/her and the score will be recorded as 100 points to 0 in their favour.
Should the committee rule against the complainant then the score will be recorded as 100 points to 0 against the complainant.

Come on guys, it's not rocket science.
Would you get Manchester United being told when they turn up at Chelsea that the Chelsea lads don't like and don't understand the Off Side rule so they are not going to use it?
The Miss Rule is there to stop cheating and it's in everyone's interest to familiarise themselves with it and apply it.
Tony Beetham
Competitions Secretary
Preston and District Snooker League

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