Topic: Ronnie O'Sullivan - China Press Interview

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Steve Waterman (Savoy Snooker League) | Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here is the link to Ronnie O'Sullivan's press interview after losing to Marco Fu in China.

I dont know about you guys but I am so dissapointed by his attitude. Although he is by far the greatest natural talent the game has ever seen, after scenes like these I think the game will be better off without him.

You could never imagine our childhood snooker Idols doing anything like this. What sort of message does it give to the younger generation of players?

If this carries on, snooker will become like the premiership, with no respect for referees or spectators and it will all be about money.

Ban him for life. We will soon all forget about him like we have Alex Higgings, apart from a fond memory of wasted talent.
Graham Sheridan (Stafford & District Snooker League) | Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is a tricky situation for the WPSBA.

The governing body is trying hard to market the game overseas.
O'Sullivan is the biggest draw World Snooker has by a mile.
But the problem is that the guy cannot be relied upon to play properly or conduct himself properly. The fact that he has 'only' won the World Championship twice for someone of his ability is an absolute joke, and speaks volumes for the demons that he constantly battles with.

I do not know what the solution is, I think the professional game is quite competitive now, there is plenty of talent coming through, the top 16 can no longer just win a few games and retain their place year on year.
Snooker will survive after O'Sullivan hangs up his queue - but the game would be in a much healthier state if O'Sullivan was on side, rather than out cast.
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