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Billiard & Snooker
Inter Town Rules

Revised February 2014 J.F.P

1. The Annual General Meeting of the Inter Town representatives to be convened at a time/date to be agreed by the current Chairman and secretary.

2 Any number of representatives from Leagues may attend the Annual General Meeting, but only one representative will be allowed to vote on behalf of his League. That representative to be nominated at the commencement of the Annual General Meeting

3. The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting to be read by the Secretary elected at that meeting, and to be signed by the chairman, also elected at that meeting.

4. The Chairman and secretary for the forthcoming season to be elected on the votes of the nominated League representatives.

5. The current Chairman to be given the responsibility of a casting vote, in the event of a tied vote, other than this the Chairman will have no voting power.

6. The current Secretary will have no voting powers.

7. Entries for the Inter-Town competitions during the forthcoming season to be made by nominated League representatives only.

8. Team registration fees shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

9. Each nominated League representative to be responsible for ensuring that the secretary is informed, in writing, of the venues of all home Inter-Town matches. The representative will also give his home address and telephone number. It would help if other phone numbers could be supplied i.e. Works or Club, to assist in easy contact in cases of emergencies.

10. All Inter-Town matches to be played on Friday at the nominated venues and dates, as stated, in their fixture list, which will be compiled and circulated by the secretary.

All matches will commence at 7.30 p.m.

Team captains may approach the opposing team captain to change the fixture to another day, but within the same week.

11. The Refereeing/Marking of Inter-Town matches will be the responsibility of the Home team.

The “Miss” rule will not apply to Inter Town matches.

12. Before the commencement of any Inter-Town match, both team captains will list their team in order of play, on an Inter-Town result card. The two cards will then be matched together. The order of play may only be altered during the match with the agreement of both captains.

13. Each team Captain will maintain a record of scores during a match, such scores to be confirmed by the opposing captain. It will be the responsibility of each team captain to ensure that his result card is posted to the secretary.

14. The secretary will circulate up to date competition tables to nominated League/Clubs representatives at regular intervals throughout the season.

15. All equipment used during Inter-Town matches to be of a recognised standard and be acceptable to both teams.

16. Matches shall not be postponed for any reason, in applying this rule due account will be taken to any unforeseen circumstances e.g. accident, severe weather conditions

17. Any team cancelling a match will be deducted SIX points, match to be played within THREE weeks at convenience of the non-offending team. Failure to rearrange and play within THREE weeks, another SIX points will be deducted and awarded to the non offending team and the match will be void.

18. Snooker teams must consist of six players but can go ahead with 4 or 5 players to constitute a match, each playing two frames against the same player from the opposite side.

Billiards teams must consist of at least four players but can go ahead with 3 players to constitute a match, Billiards Each playing 200 up, off scratch unless otherwise notified.

Teams with players short will concede frames to opposite side.

Billiards 200 points for each player absent.

19. Snooker professionals ranked above 128. Playing in the Lampard Cup to give 21 start in each frame; only ONE professional per team.

20. A player may represent his League at Inter-Town level as follows:-

Hooper Shield (Billiards)

May also play in Lampard/Warner/Bullock cup ~ Competitions according to the restrictions stated below?

Lampard Cup (Snooker Division One)

May also play in Hooper Shield/Bullock cup competition, but not in the Warner cup

Warner Cup (Snooker Division Two).

May also play in Hooper Shield/Bullock Cup competition, if a player is promoted to play Lampard Cup, He/she cannot return to Warner Cup competition during the same season.

No player shall represent more than one team in any given week. If a player is found to have played twice, all frames played will be deemed void and the opponents awarded the points. JFP

Warner Cup players may play in Lampard. irrespective of results, he/she will become that divisional player and not allowed to revert back during the current season. JFP

Bullock Cup (Snooker under 23’s).

May also play in Lampard/Warner/Hooper Shield competitions according to restrictions stated. All players must be under 23 year of age at the commencement of the season.

21. Competition Winners.
The winner of the competitions shall be the team scoring the highest number of points, in the event of a TIE on points; positions will be determined by the following order.
A. The number of matches Won
B. The number of matches Drawn.
C. If both teams are still level. The management committee shall arrange a play-off on a neutral table.

If the play off results in a draw. The captain of each team will nominate one player to play a ONE frame play off.

23. County Team Selection
Will be by the committee along with all Lampard Cup team captains
Any prize money won by a County Team, the association will receive 10 percent and the remaining monies divided between the players.

24. County Championships
Each league or club representatives will be responsible for their area.
Entry fees for each competition will be £5.00
Format Billiards, 350 up, Semi finals and Finals 500 up
Format Snooker ~ Best of 5 frames, Semi final 7 frames, Final 9 frames
Depending on entries, to be played off on a Sunday at one club or clubs, sessions starting at 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm

Finals being played on a separate day
The association to negotiate with clubs for availability of tables and cost (bearing in mind there will be bar takings for food and drink.

AGM 03 No Player may play twice in one night, in two competitions, only the competition in which he/she is registered.