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NEW SEASON 2016 - 2017.
Hello and welcome to all players/teams, both past and new. We hope you have a good and enjoyable season as we already do.



Reminder to ALL Players and friends.

The league season has now finished as as reported Pockets have had a very good year. Pockets E are Premier Champions and Pockets D return to the higher division having had a very successful year winning Division One. Pockets B are runners-up in The Premier, 11 points behind the winners and winning the same number of matches!! At the lower end it has been battle proper to see who gets the wooden spoons. St Johns D had a good end of season by winning their last 3 matches and escaped relegation. Unfortunately Workmans A are doomed to Division One, although they have won some good matches and are still involved with two cups. There is still a match to be completed, that involving Cookley and Franche, to see who is the other one for relegation.
In Division one the tussle for runner-up went to the wire and 3 teams ended up on 56 points. St Johns E played Pockets C, with all to play for and ended up losing 3-2. Had this been the other way round then they would have been runner-up. However Chester Road sneaked in by the skin of their teeth and have won one more match than either of St Johns or Pockets C. Wribbenhall ended up by holding up the league, but by no means were an easy push over and indeed they have won some good matches this year. I am sure now they have more experience , next year will be better for them. An exciting finish to the end of the season for all teams.

As for individual players of the year, the winners of the most games in The Premier Division goes to young Taylor Fish, who has been a model of consistency all year. Taylor has won 14 out of 16 matches in singles and been a strong force in doubles. May I also wish Taylor all the very best for his forthcoming English under 16's Final on June 24th and all spectators will be most welcome.
In Division One, a very experienced player in Paddy Kean won 12 from 16 to win the most games, to show us its not all youngsters who can do it.
Th highest breaks prize for Premier Division goes to Andy Smith with an excellent 91 and in Division One went to Lee Page who had a 47 early in the season. Richard Summers came second with a 37.
There are still Cup Finals and individual finals to be to be played and most of these will be on 23rd May.


4 April 2016. Pockets have dominated the league this year winning both Premier and Division One titles. Pockets are the new Premier champs and Pockets D are the new Division One champs, even though there is still one match to play on 18th April. Pockets E are 7 points clear of their nearest rivals and have a game in hand, after this week demolishing Cookey 5-0. Andy Smith won a high scoring game on the black, which included a 47. Taylor Fish knocked a 47 and a 35 to win his game. Some game for Wayne Dobson who won 72-0!!! John Betton and Wayne Dobson completed the doubles, with John knocking a 32 on the way. Pockets B won their last game 4-1 at home to relegated Workmans A. Believe this score if you like. Richard Pepperall won 115-91!! He had to give away 70 points but in spite of that he knocked in a very high score which included a 50 break. Tony Kidd won both of his games and Mick Norwood was the only winner for Workmans. The position at the bottom of the league looks very intereseting and it all hinges on the last game as to who is relegated. St Johns D seem to have found some new form and are trying hard to avoid relegation, this week winning 3-2 away to Pockets F, last years champs. Josh Summers, Roger Parkes and the doubles combo of Dave Hayward and Ash Ward were the victors, with Paul Crisp having a 30 against Pete Smith for his win along with Dan Flowers. It was all Jamies as Pockets A won by the odd frame against their own S side. Jamie Shuck and Jamie Ash each won their respective games. Charles Newey had a 27 in his doubles win with Phil Dunn and Mel Wilson took the other game.
As I said Pockets D have won Division One, despite having a bye next week. They are 7 points clear of St Johns E, who look likely runners-up barring a fall. They are 2 points ahead of Pockets C and they play each other in the last match. Chester Road could come from behind as they have a game in hand.
So some interesting positionS at the foot of The Premier and interesting positions for runner-up spot in Division One. ALL TO PLAY FOR NEXT WEEK.

28 March 2016. In spite of still having one game to play, Pockets E are Premier League champions after Pockets B lost to lowly St Johns D 4-1 and have only one game to play as they have a bye in the last matches. The strong Pockets E side have not won this before so well done to you guys. It also looks as though another Pockets Side will win the Division One as Pockets D head the table by 6 points to return back into the Premier League, barring a big fall next week. The chasers of St Johns D and Chester Road meet next week, so that should be interesting.

07 March 2016. All matches both in The Premier and Division One, ended in 3-2 results.
In The Premier Division Pockets B tie with Pockets E at the head of affairs, although the E team have a game in hand. However it was the E side that were playing the B side this week and ended in win for the B team. Tom Pepperall took most of the honours winning his two games aided by Tony Kidd and father and son combo in the doubles. Tom knocked in a 45 in the doubles and Tony Kidd a 30 in his singles win. Franche lost 3-2 at home against last years Prem winners Pockets F, Craig Homer, Paul Crisp and John Costello doing the damage. Richard Berry did well for Franche winning both of his games. Third place and early league leaders Pocket S could only manage 3 at home against low placed Workmans A. Brian Mills and Rod Thompson started very well for Workmans winning the 2 opening singles, but Phil Dunn, Gary Rushton and Charles Newey won the match in the deciding doubles, winning 84-70 including a 41 by Charles. Pockets A completed the all wins by Pockets this week, winning 3-2 away at Cookley. After losing the first by Jamie Ash against Tom Barker, Alan Turner, Connor Clark and Steven
Sharp won their singles and Cookley pairing of Simon Galiatly and Lee Bushell won the doubles.
In Division One, a long awaited match of St Johns C v Pockets D unfortunately was called off very late. Chester Road took the bonus point at home to Wribbenhall. Graham Joynes and Neil Chapman were the stars of the night each winning 2 games on the deciding double encounter. John Roberts and Pete Gardner were Wribbenhalls winners. Legion held off the strong St Johns E challenge taking 3 at home, with the first 3 singles wins by John and Liam Carter and Chris Hunt making up the other including a 25 break. Paddy Kean kept up his winning sequence for St Johns, with Ken Wankling and Jake Hadley taking the doubles. Unfortunately Workmans B had to concede a game in their visit to St Georges, going down 3-2. Colin McMurray did well in winning both of his games aided by Ron Southall in the doubles. Jake Humphries and Matt Addleton won for the home team.

29 February 2016. Pocket E hit the top of The Premier, 2 points ahead of their B team rivals and with a game in hand, so are going to be a hard team to beat. This week they were away to bottom placed Workmans A, but could only manage 3 points and indeed were two frame down to begin with, winning the last two singles and the doubles decider. Mick Norwood and Rod Thompson got the better of the E teams top 2 players Taylor Fish and John Betton, but Andy Smith and Darren Rose won their singles and Taylor Fish and John Betton completed the doubles. All other matches were 3-2 either way. St Johns D were unlucky to lose 3-2 and indeed should have won 3-2, but for Roger Parkes missing a pink across the middle of the table and Mel Wilson taking pink and black. Josh Summers and Pete smith both won their singles, with Pete taking blue, pink and black very nicely. Phil Dunn won 2 games, to double up with Charles Newey to win the doubles against Dave Hayward and Josh Summers. A battle was held between Pockets B at home to Franche where the home team took the bonus point. Lots of breaks in this match, with Pockets winning the first 3 singles, Richard Pepperall having a 28 to win, Tom Pepperall taking 31 and 38 against Keith Morris the frame score being 80-39 that 39 being Keith's score with a 39 break. Bad luck mate. Franche won the other singles and doubles. Struggling Pockets F were at home to Cookley and won 3-2. Simon Galiatly won both of his games for Cookley. Match spoiled because Cookley had to concede a frame.]
In Division 1, Pockets D are still at the head of affairs and look be promotion prospects. They are now 5 points clear of Pockets C, this week the D team taking 4 at home to st Georges. Alan Ward and Andy Grose won 2 each, topped up by Paul Carter. Pockets E and Chester Road have games in hand over the two Pockets teams, bu could still catch them. Chester Road took three away to Pockets C, with Neil Chapman, Graham Joynes and Ray Pugh winning their singles. Good to see The Secretary back in the country, but the sea air couldn't have worked as he lost the opening match frame to Arek ( can't spell his surname! ) Legion weer away to Workmans B and were aptly rewarded with a 3-2 win. Liam Carter, Roger Harrison and Chris Hunt won well for Legion and Colin McMurray won well for Workmans winning both of his games.


KIDDERMINSTER A PLAYED KIDDERMINSTER B in the first leg of The Worcestershire Inter-League, last night at Pockets. The A team started very well, with Taylor Fish knocking in a superb break of 90, followed by Andy Smith winning against McCauley Gunn. Next on was Josh Summers for the B side up against Tom Pepperall, which Josh duly won including a break of 27, which could very easily have been 59. A teams captain John Betton played Connor Clark which again was a close win for the A team. Very experienced Richard Pepperall played last against Jamie Shuck, but didn't have it all his own way and scraped home. All in all the A team lead by 146 points, obviously due to Taylor's 90, which sounds a lot, but I am sure the younger B team will give them a run for their money!

22 February 2016. No league matches this week as all eyes were on The Championship Cup and Championship Plate matches.

In The Cup semifinals results were as follows : Pockets B routed their own strong Pockets E side to go into the final. In the other semi final last years Prem champs Pockets F won away to Franche. So we have an all Pockets Final.
In The Plate matches Pockets D overcame the Prem newcomers Cookley and Workmans A won comfortably away to St Johns C. A battle was envisaged between St Johns E and Chester Road. However St Johns came out easy winners, from a reduced strength Chester Road. The only other match was that of Wribbenhall at home to St Johns D. St Johns started very well with wins by Ash Ward of 28, Roger Parkes 20 and Dave Hayward 40. Pete Gardner stopped the rot by beating Glyn Summers by 7 and that left St Johns with a lead of 81 going into the doubles, a big lead that was unsurpassed as Brian Jones and Roger Parkes won by 10.

15 February 2016. Luckless St Johns D visited Pockets E and came upon a side in form, losing all five frames, which now puts Pockets E at the head of the pile. Only close frame was that of Ash against Andy. John knocked in a 39, but Taylor wrapped up a very nice 60 break in the doubles. All other matches in The Prem ended in 3-2 wins. Second placed Pockets B were away at Cookley, with wins by Dave, Richard and Tony. Tom Pep had a 25 but still lost to Tom Barker, Richard had a 34 and Dave had a 31 in the doubles for Pockets, but still lost to Simon and Pete. Frache are holding on to third place and this week too 3 frames at home to Workmans A. Kevin won both of his games, aide by Richard in the doubles and Keith won his singles. Mick and Brian won for the visitors. The needlematch Pockets A v Pockets F ended in a win for the A team. Alan Jamie and Connor won the singles.
In Division One Pockets D still take the lead having won 3-2 away to Legion. Andy, Richard and Paul came good and John won 2 for the Legion aided by his son Liam in the doubles. St Johns E scraped home 3-2 at home to Wormans B. Martin, Neil and Paddy won their singles, Paddy still leading for the most games title. Terry Spencer beat Spencer Simmonds !! Spencer S coming out of retirement for the first time this year.
Rob and Terry won the doubles for Wormans. St Johns C entertained Pocked C but could only manage 2 wins. Alan won both of his games for Pockets assisted by Gary in the doubles and Reg winning the other singles. Adrian and Eldon held their end up for St Johns. Best win in this division this week was that of Wribbenhall taking four frames away at St Georges. John and Pete won both of their games along win Sebastian winning his singles. Only response for St Georges was Jake in his singles. Things are getting very tight in this division with Chester Road having a bye and Pockets C needing to play their cancelled match.
Next week its the turn of The Championship Cup and Plate matches, so we should see some sparks flying!!

08 February 2016. Longtime Premier leaders Pockets S came unstuck losing 4-1 at home to their own E team who are now in second place, tieing on points, with a game in hand on their other clubmates Pockets B. Pockets B also had a battle with their other team Pockets A but came off best 4-1 winners, thanks to Tom. Only winner for the A team was Jamie Shuck. St Johns D entertained the strong Franche side who went away 3-2 winners. Man of the match was Ash Ward for St Johns winning his single including a 29 and also the doubles, teamed up with David. Workmans A gained valuable points winning 3-2 at home to Cookley. Mick won both his matches. Tom continued winning ways for Cookley.
In Division One things are really hotting up. St Johns E visited top team Pockets D and took the match 4-1, which now puts them on top. However Chester Road have now woke up and took all five frames at home to St Johns C. Neil won both of his games and I hear Dave played very well in his singles. Wribbenhall had a good night at home to Legion and won by the doubles game. 3-2. Graham won both of his games and Sebastian had a high scoring frame against Nathan 94-25.

01 February 2016. This week it's back to eague action and in the Premier, Pockets S are still in top with 33 points, even though they lost 4-1 away to Franche. Mel was the only winner or Pockets. Pockets B are two points behind and this week won 3-2 against last years champions, their own F side. Richard, Dave and Tom won their singles, with Richard knocking in a 37. Paul won both his games teaming up with John to win the doubles. Pockets A had a good 4-1 win at home to struggling Workmans. All 4 single were won with Wormans managing to get the doubles. Cookley entertained St Johns D and won three of their singles. Josh won both of his games for St Johns teaming up with Hon Chair to take the doubles.
Pockets D head Division One, even though we don't have this weeks result yet. Chester Road took three points away at St Georges, thanks mainly to David winning both of his games and Graham winning by 1! point against Azim. Jake and Ken took the home points. St Johns E had a tight match on their hands at home to improving Wribbenhall. It all went down to the last doubles and a respot black as well. After a shot from Wribbenhall Jake took the black to win the match 3-2. Neil and Martin won the other frames for St Johns. Legion were at home to Pockets C and came out victors 3-2, losing the first and winning the next 3 singles by John, Liam and Roger. Altogether the positions are pretty tight at the top and anybody can still win the division.

By now most teams are aware of the outcome of The A and J Cup competition. It was a tight struggle but Franche came out on top as winners of group A. Pockets B played consistent throughout and came out the best of group B, with Chester Road being runners up. The winners are still undecided for group C, as Pockets E have to play their outstanding game with St Georges. Hope you all have enjoyed playing these matches, without handicaps for a change and look forward to receive any comments please.

There has been a break in league play over the Xmas and New Year, with a new style team cup competition being played, in memory of Alan Atkinson and John Smith. It is the same format as the league but without any individual handicaps. Teams play in groups on a round-robin system and the group winners go on to play each other in the finals. League matches re-commence on 1st February.

New team Pockets S head the league at halfway stage and are top of The Premier Division. one point ahead of their clubmates Pockets E. Workmans A are at the lower end of the division, with newly promoted St Johns D above them. Last years relegated team Pockets D are joint top with St Johns C to lead Division One. Workmans B are the team that are holding up the league and it is nice to see that Wribbenhall are beginning to win some matches. There are no unbeaten players in either division and Taylor Fish leads the averages in the prem losing one out of eight, with Arek and Paddy Kean on the same mark in division one. Andy Smith has the highest break in the prem with 91 and Lee Page had a 47 in division one.

9th November. Pockets S have climbed to the top of The Premier Division after playing hosts to their own strong B team. Charles and Phil won both their singles and doubles matches, with Charles knocking in a 29 in his singles. Mel was the S teams other winner beating Gareth although Gareth had a 25. Tony was the only B side winner. Second placed Franche, 1 point behind, took four at home to Pockets A, with singles wins by Andy, Richard and Paul and followed on to win the doubles with Kevin and Keith. Alan powered home against Keith for Pockets only success. Last years league winners Pockets F seem to have woken up at last after a poor start and this week too 3 off the extremely strong E team. Rich, McCauley and Paul won their singles, whilst John Betton won both his single and doubles to keep 2 points. Biggest break of the week was the 51 recorded by Ash Ward in his doubles match at St Johns, where the D team lost 3-2 to Workmans A. Pete won both his singles and doubles for St Johns, whilst Mick, Gavin and Martin won the 3 opening frames, two of them being on the black. This now puts St Johns at the foot of the table, but the whole division is very close.

In Division One, Pockets D still head the table by 4 points, having now won 5 out of 6 matches, this week losing their unbeaten run away to Chester Road by 4-1. Neil, Graham , Glyn and Ray, all won their singles, only losing the doubles to Andy and Richard. St Johns C continue their good form to remain in second spot, having won 3-2 at home against Workmans B. Adrian won both of his matches assisted by Eldon in the doubles, with Luke retaining his unbeaten run against Colin. Workmans winners were Jim and Terry. Pockets C are also having a good run, this week winning 3-2 at home to Wribbenhall. Alan and Arek both won their singles and doubles. Pete and Graham won for Wribbenhall.
St Georges were at home to St Johns E and came out the best 3-2 winners. Azim won both his games assisted by Lee in the doubles and Jake won a fine game against James, who has now lost his unbeaten record. Neil and Martin wer St Johns winners.

Unbeaten players so far Premier Division - Tom Barker ( Cookley ) 4/4, Division One - Arek Ziemkiewich ( Pockets C ) 5/5 & Luke Keeling ( St Johns C ) 5/5
Highest Breaks - Premier Division - Taylor Fish 64, Division One - Lee Page 47

19th October.
No league matches this week. The Preliminary round of The Championship Cup was played, but only involves 4 teams. Pockets F were at home to St Johns D and showed they meant business. The first two frames were won by 94 points and the third and fourth frames they also won by 13 and 29 points. A bit of a drubbing for the St Johns lads. The doubles was duly played out.
No result yet from the other tie Cookley v Pockets D

12th October.
Premier newcomers Cookley have hit the high spots and are head of the table after overcoming the strong Pockets B side 4-1. Tom, Simon and Paul won the first 3 singles. Simon won his frame even though Tom had a 46 break. Pockets had to concede a frame, but won the doubles. Also tieing on 11 points are Pockets A who took 3 pints away to their F side. Jamie and Steven won their singles and Jamie Ash and Connor made up the doubles. John and Paul won their single for the F team, although Paul won by 2 points on the black against Anthony.
Pockets E visited St Johns D and came away 4-1 winners. Josh took the only frame and Josh and Ash lost by 1 point in the doubles. Andy knocked in 40 and 25 & Taylor a 36 break. Workmans opened their winning account at home 3-2 against Franche. Mick won both of his games and teamed up with Martin for the doubles. Richard and Paul took the two for Franche.

In Division One, Pockets D jumped up to the top after taking a bagful at home to Legion. Andy and Paul won both of their games added to by Steve and Alan. Second placed St Johns E came away with four points at Workmans, thanks to Neil, James and Paddy and the doubles combo of James and Ken. Martin seems to be having a tough time this year after being most games winner last year, losing to Ronb after conceding 5 points. St Johns C seem to be having a good opening session winning 4-1 away to Pockets C. Eldon won both of his games, assisted by Luke and Chris. Arek was the only winner for the Pockets team. Wribbenhall played host to St Georges and lost 4-1. Matt knocked in 34 and 25 in his win.
Player rankings so far : Premier - Steve Sharp 3/3 Division One : James Allington, Paul Carter and Paddy Kean 3/3
Highest Breaks so far : Premier - Tom Pepperall 46 Division One - Matt Addleton 34

5th October.
Pockets A couldn't keep up their good run, losing 4-1 to their own strong team Pockets B, who now go to head of the Premier Division. Gareth and Tom won 2 matches, helped by Richard. Only loser was Tony against Steven. Cookley did well at home to Workmans taking four frames. Cookley won all their singles matches, Simon winning on the black against Martin. Gavin and Rod won the doubles for Workmans. Franche entertained St Johns D and duly won 4-1, the only win for St Johns coming from Roger. Keith played very well for Franche and won both his singles and doubles. The needle match between Pockets E and Pockets S ended 3-2 to the E side. Taylor, John and Wayne won, Wayne knocking in a 30. Leon and the doubles pairing of Phil and Charles won the S's games.
In Division One, Pockets C take the lead winning 3-2 away at St Georges. Arek and Peter and the doubles combo of Rob and Reg making up the 3 wins. Ken and Azim took the 2 points. Chester Road were surprised at St Johns where the C team won 3-2. Eldon, Adrian and Luke winning their singles, whilst David Forth won both of his games assisted by Neil in the doubles. Neil had a 27 in his single, but to no avail. St Johns E were at home to Pockets D, but could only manage 2 wins. James and Paddy won the singles. Paul won both his games for Pockets, helped by Richard's single win and Andy in the doubles. Wribbenhall won nicely 3-2 away at Legion. Graham, Johns and Pete won their singles. Liam won his singles for Legion along with the doubles combo of John and Nathan.

HELLO TO ALL PLAYERS - DON'T FORGET THE NEW SEASON STARTS ON MONDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER AND I WOULD LIKE TO SEND BEST OF LUCK TO ALL INVOLVED AND I AM SURE WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER VERY SUCCESSFUL SEASON. On a new point to remember. All match result cards are now to be PHOTOGRAPHED and emailed to the following email address : Don't forget the underscore.

More news. We now have a new sponsor. Very kindly Neil from Offmore Road Garage has stepped into the breach and it is very much appreciated. As you an see from the new fixture list we have given them pride of place at top. May I also take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, who given over the years. The League wouldn't be where it is without their help.
David Hayward Chairman

28th September 2015. The new season started off with a bang.

In the Premier Division Pockets A showed they mean business by coming away from Workmens with all five wins. The Sharps were really sharp Steven winning his frame and necomer Anthony also winning including a 25 break. Danny and Connor won their singles, with the very experienced pairing of Alan and Jamie winning the doubles. Last years Premier Winners Pockets F were away to their clubmates Pockets B and could only manage 1 point, that being won by John. Gareth and Tom won both their singles and doubles, with Richard winning the other. Paul knocked in a 30, but to no avail against Tom. Lat years Division One runnersup and winners met each other at St Johns. Ash won very easily for St Johns, followed by Josh and Roger. Simon, with newcomer Paul stopped the rot by winning the doubles for Cookley against Ash and Josh. The last frame was bound to be won by Pete as Pete Smith played Pete Lal. Homecomer Pete Smith came out on top, thanks to away player Pete going inoff the blue, then later going inoff the pink leaving, home player Pete to pot the pink for the win which he did. Hope you understood all that. Newly formed Pockets S were at home to Franche and ended up 3-2 winners. Charles and Phil won both of their singles and teamed up to take the doubles as well. Paul and Kevin won the Franche games.
In Division One, one of last years relegated teams, Chester Road took four points away at St Georges. Glyn won both of his matches winning his singles and teaming up with his usual partner Dave to take the doubles as well. Mike and Rob won the other frames. att was the only winner for St Georges against Ray who only had to concede 3 points. The strong St Johns E side won 4-1 away at Wribbenhall, playing on Tuesday night. Nice to see James back playing again and he won singles and doubles as did last years most games winner Martin. Paddy played the experienced Pete, but just got home. Sebastian was Wribbenhall's only winner. Pockets C won 3-2 at home against the other relagated side Legion, but Legion had to concede a frame. Reg and Rob won the doubles very easily 85-14, with Arek winning the other frame. John and Nathan took the Legion's frames.