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WHILST WEST DEVON 40 RUN AMOK AT GOLF B (Match reports 27 02 20)

Golf A made top of the table Con A work all the way for their slender 3 – 2 win.
A close win by Cons Evans (Jnr) over Doidge was cancelled out by a good solid performance from Turnbull (20) over Cons Wiles to draw the scores level.
Carruthers with a 29 break put the Cons noses in front again only for Gawman to again cancel it out with a good showing over Babb, this despite a nice 24 break from Babb.
The decider went the Cons way with Bray getting the better of a dour, mistake littered encounter with Scott to keep the Cons title ambitions on course.
Golf can only ponder what might have been if their Mark Ninnis had been available for selection.

West Devon 40 were having a field day at Golf B securing a maximum 5 in the process.
The score-line was however slightly flattering as possibly four of the frames could have gone either way.
Shrimpton edged out Golf’s Appleton before their White managed to score 61 points and somehow still end up on the losing side against Grigg.
King secured the match for West Devon with Hart and Elliott putting the ‘dumpling on the stew’ to make it a maximum five.


It was back to earth with a bump for Golf B after last week’s giant killing exploits, as they went down 0 – 5 to West Devon A.
Heathman, Taylor and Brooks made the game safe with little in reply from Golf, a 30 break for Brooks and 23 from Taylor the high points of these frames.
Stone and K Rich (23) then rubbed salt in Golf’s wounds as they rattled off the last 2 frames to secure maximum points again for West Devon, cementing their grip on runners up position in the league.

Con Z were lucky to get such a decisive win against Con C after a disastrous start from Fitzsimmons against A Symons who got a stunning 78 break from the off and couldn’t be caught.
This was followed by the Z team’s newcomer Pearce, who won by default after Jago followed the black ball in with the white to gift the frame to Pearce.
Symons (Snr) struggled against the C team’s Davey but eventually overcame his opponent in a bitterly fought match.
Next on Hodge had no such problem against Hall who didn’t seem to be a the races in this one sided game. Mayors took the final game for the Z team against Bassett, with a well controlled display against a very dangerous opponent. (By Brian Palmer)


It sort of looked like business as usual for Golf A in their local derby against bottom side Golf B, as Turnbull and Gawman opened up a two frame lead with hardly a shot being fired in return.
Then it all changed, led by the B teams rookie White, with his first ever league win, removing Bartlett to much applause from the assembled crowd.
A timely Skippers innings then followed with Pope getting the better of Ninnis to pull the B team level.
The unlikely B team comeback was then completed with the cool head of Congo taking charge of the last frame to overcome Grant.
A couple of celebratory drinks were no doubt enjoyed by the B team on their retirement to the bar afterwards.

Top of the table Con A were given a right scare by West Devon B as they struggled to come out on top in a close 3 – 2 win.
Babb was run close by West Devon’s Dingle before edging it in his customary fashion, whilst the ‘evergreen’ Hoare squared things up for West Devon by putting a dent in Evans (Snr) protracted unbeaten run.
Off the bench Endean merited his inclusion in the side to put the Cons in front again with a win over the tenacious John Rich.
Carruthers was in no mood to hang around as he restricted Roger Rich to single figures and thereby securing the match for the Cons.
Dent then reduced the deficit for West Devon with a 22 break and also bringing Bray’s unbeaten season to a shuddering halt. Good showing from West Devon but the Cons championship waggon rolls on.

MAX FIVES FOR WEST DEVON A & CON Z (Match reports 30 01 20)

A memorable evening for Con Z against West Devon 40 started off by Mayors in a classic opener against Grigg, Mayors took the lead and held onto it knocking up a fine brake of 22 in the process.
Fitzsimmons followed up with a well-controlled win over King after a slow start.
Flack performed prodigiously against Hart who never seemed to get to grips with the game.
Hodge overwhelmed Elliott from the start and racked up a creditable 58 against an under par opponent. Next up was Bell verses Williams who did his best to prevent a 5 – 0 drubbing but unfortunately followed the black ball down with the white to give the game to Bell and the Con’s. (By Brian Palmer)

West Devon A went on a bit of a rampage as well, with a 5 – 0 win over Con B.
Brookes and Taylor got west Devon off to a good start as they overcame stout resistance form Cons Eales and McKechnie.
Kevin Rich then made it safe for West Devon, with Heathman edging out Ryall, and Stone bringing up the rear to complete a comprehensive victory for West Devon.
This was a good result for West Devon with them now one point clear in second spot in the league with a game in hand over Con Z in third.

CARRUTHERS ON FIRE FOR CON A WITH 78 BREAK (Match reports 23 01 20)

Con Z took a regal pounding from Con A in a slightly one sided match.
First to the table was Bell, pitted against Evans (Snr), and despite a valiant fight back Bell succumbed to Evans continual pressure. Similar too was Symons who couldn’t get to grips with Evans (Jnr) and collapsed against a relentless opponent. Surprise of the evening was the collapse of Mayors against Wiles, followed by Mckechnie against Babb, who despite a strong performance was not able to catch Babb in a closely fought match. Game of the evening was from Carruthers against Hodge with the later not even getting a visit to the table as Caruthers dismantled him from the off with an uninterrupted break of 78.
(By Brian Palmer)

West Devon B were also having a good day at the office as they secured a maximum five at the expense of 4 man Golf B. Roger Rich edged out Treble, with Hoare and John Rich romping in to secure the match. The ‘froth on the beer; was then provided by Dingle as he overcame a combative performance from White to make it 5 on the night for West Devon.

A ‘Battle Royal’ took place at West Devon with West Devon 40 and Con C going down to a last frame decider.
Con C took a two frame lead curtesy of dominant performances from Symons and Basset, only for West Devon to level it up with King and in form Hart producing the goods.
The decider was a close affair from the two ‘elder statesmen’ of the teams, with Cons skipper Jago holding his nerve to overcome Elliott and secure the victory for Con C.

CON B SURVIVE TREBLE TROUBLE (Match report 16 01 20)
For a second successive season Alan Lillicrap and Dave Treble faced each other on the green baize in January. This time it was no trouble for Treble and he easily brushed aside a very poor Lillicrap 34-48 for an opening win.
It was up to Senior Lillicrap, Bob Lillicrap to restore a bit of Con B respect in the second frame comfortably taking out Golf A Captain Alan Pope 64-33 with a commanding performance.
Con B Captain Steve Ewings took to the table next against Golf B’s Danvers Hough. Hopes weren’t high on the Con B side with Ewings boasting a 100% loss ratio, but strange things happen in snooker and it appeared Ewings forgot he had no snooker ability and proceeded to beat Hough 66-15 leaving the crowd dumbfounded.
Spurred on by this result Martin Mckechnie claimed the match channelling his inner hatred of today’s youth, to punish Thomas White 69-23. White showed enough ability to show things will get better, which must have pleased his watching Mummy.
Last up Paul Lyall’s run of 3 successive wins came to an end against Paul Congo eventually losing 37-58. Many were saying this could be a good thing for Lyall, who was getting a bit big for his britches and it may have quashed any talk of a potential summer transfer to the A team.

LATE CARDS: West Devon A v Con A & Golf A v West Devon 40.

TAVISTOCK SNOOKER ROUND UP (Match reports 09 01 20)

A tap in win for Con B.
First up for the Cons against the last years visiting champions Golf A was Paul Lyall against Len Scott and in a tight game Lyall kept himself ahead potting the blue and pink to put the Cons one up.
Next up was stand in Con B skipper Alan Lillicrap v Turnbull and in a good match that could have gone either way at times, Turnbull potted the majority of the remaining colours to take a win for the Golf and go all square.
An out of sorts Bob Lillicrap put the Con back in the driving seat with a comfortable win over an out of sorts Alan Gawman winning 54 - 39 in a game both men will feel they could have played better in, Cons one up.
Rich Eales put the Cons 2 up and sealing the match with 1 to play, showing no mercy for young rookie Jamie Ninnis winning 64-13.
In a tight final match, Vic Wilton beat Martin Mckechnie 37-59, finishing on the blue and pink for the win.
(By Alan Lillicrap)

Con C gave high flying West Devon A a run for their money before being edged out 3 – 2.
Shock of the night was probably Cons Hall who took the black ball to inflict a rare defeat on Brookes as he put the Cons one up.
Two up soon followed for the Cons with Symons edging out Kevin Rich, this despite a nice 29 break from the later.
Devine intervention for West Devon then stopped the rot as new boy Stone produced a fine debut win over Cons Davey.
From then on it was all West Devon as Heathman and Lawrence did what was required to secure the last two frames and with it completing the come - back for West Devon.

Con Z beat a battling Golf B side by a flattering 4-1 margin. First up was Congo v Hodge and after a spirited comeback by Congo it was Hodge who sealed the frame for the Z team. Next up was Pope against Symons and Pope dominated from the off against an out of sorts Symons who could not replicate his practice form. Pope levelling the match at 1-1.
Andy Fitzsimmons found some good play to take a comfortable win and regain the lead for the Cons.
The stand in skipper for the evening wrapped up the win with Mayors winning a close frame against an unfortunate Appleton.
The gloss was sealed when Flack beat young Tom White who showed signs of becoming a solid league player. Flack used his new found confidence of learning why referees say “spot or plain” to win by a healthy margin. All players wish a speedy recovery to the awol Brian Palmer. (By Chris Mayors)

CON Z & B TEAMS SEE THE YEAR OUT ON A HIGH (Match reports 19 12 19)

Con Z got back to their winning ways after several weeks of poor performances with a bumper 5 – 0 maximum over Golf B.
It was all started off by Hodge with a fine win over Pope, to be followed by Mckechnie who started in fine form against White and never looked to be in trouble.
Next was Mayors in confident mood against Congo who never really got a foot hold on the game and fell to Mayors immaculate potting.
Appelton was next to fall in to the Cons grinding machine against Fitzsimmons’s very tidy and controlled game.
The icing on the cake was supplied by Flack who notched up a creditable 59 against Treble’s 14. (By Brian Palmer)

Con B finished their year off with a good win over in form West Devon 40, this despite being a man down.
Eales perseverance paid off as he got the edge on Williams, backed up by Lyall who beat West Devon’s Smith by the closest of margins.
Lillicrap then sealed the game for the Cons with a black ball win over Smith.
A West Devon consolation frame was then provided by Hart who capped of superb first half of the season with good tight win over the dangerous Monk.


A very close game between Dingle of the West Devon B and Mckechnie of the Con Z’s, in fact it couldn’t have been any closer, one point separated Mckechnie from Dingle in a very tight frame which Dingle eventually took. This was Followed by another hard fought match between Symons and Rich (snr) in which the Cons managed to level the score with a controlled display from Symons. Next up was Mayors for the Cons who had his work cut out trying to contain Dent who took control of the game despite Mayors valiant fight back. Hoar never looked in trouble during his match with Bell and romped ahead with little response from Bell. It took Hodge to bring some semblance of balance to the score line with a fine win over West Devon’s Boyd to bring the final to score to 3 – 2 in favour of West Devon. (By Brian Palmer)

Elsewhere saw Con A in a top v bottom game with a predictable whitewash by Con A. Apart from a standard close frame from Babb over Hough, the rest was plain sailing for Con A.

West Devon A produced a fine result against Golf A with a solid 4 – 1 win.
Pick of the games was a good showing for young Jamie Ninnis taking West Devon’s Heathman to the wire before going down, and a pleasing to the eye 39 break for West Devon’s Douggie Brookes.


Con C got back to winning ways with an eye catching 3 – 2 win up the hill at Golf A.
Symons had no trouble putting the Cons one up as he waltzed past Bartlett with 24 and 23 breaks doing the damage.
Davey had to work harder against Ninnis but he still managed to close out the game to put the Cons two up.
Jago proved the star of the Cons night with his win over Grant sealing the victory for his team.
It was just as well Jago did his stuff as the last two frames went the way of Golf, with a low scoring close call for Gawman over Bassett, and a romp in the park for Turnbull over Hall.

A serious disaster befell Con Z this week they only managed to field 3 players in this crucial match against Con A. First to the table was Mayors who put up a valiant display against Evans but just failed to contain his opponent in this instance.
Next up was McKechnie who likewise failed to contain Wiles on a rampaging run, including a brake of 29, despite an heroic rear guard action in the face of Wilks onslaught.
Finally it was left to Fitzsimmons to try and retain some semblance of order against Carruthers but with the bit between his teeth Carruthers was in no mood to take prisoners.
So five nil on the night to Con A.
Oh well there’s always next week. (By Brian Palmer)


Back to back five-nil losses have given Con B the winter chills, this time at the hands of West Devon A. Brookes got West Devon going with a comfortable win over Lyall racking up breaks of 20 and 25 along the way. Next up Colin Heathman took out Martin Mckechnie, who struggled to really get going, while Heathman potted steadily keeping himself far enough ahead not to be troubled. Bob Lillicrap looked to have got the Cons back into the match but Andy Lawrence had other ideas clearing up the final black despite being 20 down at one point, Bob Lillicrap will rue missing early colour chances that could have told another tale. Kev Rich started slowly and Eales put on a decent showing, battling with Rich for most of the frame only for Rich to show his class at the end when it mattered, sealing the frame with a 22 break. Tim Taylor put the icing on the cake to make it a West Devon fifer, comfortably beating Alan Lillicrap who couldn’t catch Taylor’s early lead. West Devon A looking strong going into their final match of 2019 while Con B need their luck to turn. (By Alan Lillicrap)

Con A went on their merry way with another maximum five, this time over West Devon B.
Stand in sub Bray opened the Cons account with a good win over the tricky customer Dingle, producing a 23 break for good measure.
Babb soon made it two for the Cons, managing for a change to win by a comfortable margin over Boyd.
Carruthers has been playing too much pool, and it showed, as he was given a good testing by West Devon’s Hurford before he eventually got over the line.
An assured Evans (26) made it four for the Cons, fighting off a late challenge from Roger Rich having controlled most of the game.
Final frame produced a treat for the assembled masses with Wiles knocking in a sweet 53 clearance to overcome Hoare who was right in the frame up until that point.
Con A looking good value for their top of the table spot at the moment.

West Devon 40 v Golf B, No result, Card not received.

NIGHT OF THE BIG BREAKS (Match reports 21 11 19)

Con C 2 – 3 West Devon A
Lofty West Devon A were given a run for their money by Con C before running out winners by one frame.
Heathman fell foul of an inspired display from Cons Symons who rattled in 52 and 22 breaks to sail home.
Taylor then got the better of Davey to pull West Devon level.
Brookes with a superb 57 break soon had West Devon in front with a demolition job on Jago.
Not to be intimidated, Hall pulled the Cons back level with a dominant display over Lawrence, not giving his opponent an inch.
The decider was one way traffic as Kevin Rich made short work of Cons Bassett.

West Devon (40) 3 – 2 Golf A
Another tasty win for West Devon 40 was as pleasing for them as yet another reversal was as displeasing for Golf A.
Hart set the tone with a good win over Golfs skipper Doidge, ably backed up by King who restricted his opponent Wilton to uncharacteristically low score.
Turnbull did well to pull one back for Golf, despite a feisty showing from his opponent Allen.
Soon the game was all level with Gawman (25 & 21) producing a fine performance taking out Williams with ease.
‘Super Sub’ Smith was at it again, this week showing great composure with his black ball win over Ninnis to steal the match for West Devon.


Con C 4 – 1 Golf B.
Closer than the score line suggests but in the end a good result for Con C.
Although only firing on one of their four cylinders it was Hall & Davey that gave the Cons a two frame cushion over Dodd and Congo.
Treble then pulled one back for Golf with a black ball win over Jago only for Bassett to cruise through his frame to reinstate the Cons two frame lead.
The best until last was a nervy frame which saw Gary Langsford pull off his first ever league win with a couple of nice late pots to see off the spirited challenge from Golf’s Hough.

West Devon B 2 – 3 Con Z.
Con Z got back to their winning ways with a hard fought win over West Devon B.
A good win for Cons Dan Flack was soon cancelled out by Dingle who edged out Hodge in a close frame, requiring a nice 25 break to help him over the line.
The Cons were soon back in front with Mayors removing Hurford only for Hoar to draw West Devon level yet again with a decent win over Dolan.
The decider was taken by Bell for the Cons as he extended his unbeaten run with a controlled win over West Devon’s danger man Boyd.


Con A 5 – 0 Con B.
Normally a tough game, this panned out to be anything but, with Con A running riot.
Carruthers (22), Wiles, and Evans (Jnr) putting the A team out of sight before any real resistance was encountered. Then it was Lillicrap for the B team who gave Babb a run for his money before Babb secured it. The final frame saw Evans (Snr) (20 & 21) in majestic form as he ‘steam rolled’ the hapless B team’s Ewings into submission, restricting Ewings to only 1 point. One the B team will want to forget.

West Devon (40) 3 – 2 Con Z.
West Devon 40 continued their recent surge of form as they capitalised on a recent dip in form from Con Z.
A close game saw King take out Cons Hodge before Bell restored parity with a good win over Williams.
Back came West Devon with another close win for Elliott over Symons only for Mayors in an equally close one draw the Cons level again with a win over Hart in a high scoring frame.
The deciding frame was as unexpected as it was welcome for West Devon as ‘captain fantastic’ Shrimpton (Snr) took out the highly rated Fitzsimmons by a decent margin.
From their recent bottom of the table position, West Devon 40 have now won two matches on the trot against good opposition, to show they are nobody’s pushover.

West Devon A 3 – 2 West Devon B.
West Devon B gave their lofty neighbours West Devon A, a run for their money before going down to a narrow 2 – 3 defeat. The A teams Heathman first on fell to the delicate skills of Roger Rich, before Taylor pulled the A team level with a solid win over John Rich.
Brookes (25) for the A team made no mistake as he put his side one up, ably backed up by team mate Kevin Rich who with two 20 plus breaks secured the match at the canter over Dingle.
Shrimpton (Jnr), last on, was not able to continue the momentum for the A team as Hoare dominated and duly reduced the deficit to one frame for the B team.


Golf B 0 – 5 West Devon A.
West Devon A continued their recent good form with all their players singing from the same song sheet as they swept Golf B aside with a ‘max five’.
Kevin Rich, Heathman and Brookes breezed their games to secure the match, with Lawrence and Taylor putting the ‘sugar on the cornflakes’ to make it five.

West Devon B 1 – 4 West Devon 40
It was a real Jekyll & Hyde story for West Devon B, having recently taken out top team Golf A, this week they fell foul of lowly West Devon 40 in a surprise result.
Hats off to West Devon 40 as Hart and Allan gave them a two frame lead before Boyd pulled one back for the B team.
‘Super Sub’ Andy Smith then secured the match for WD 40, with Skipper R Shrimpton running the B teams skipper Hooper ragged to make it 4 for his team.

Con Z 2 – 3 Golf A
Golf A burst Con Z’s unbeaten bubble with a close win on Thursday.
Wilton and Gawman (25) put two frames on the board for Golf with Dolan and Hodge notching up two wins for the Cons.
The decider was an equally close affair with Golf’s Turnbull edging out Symons after an unfortunate foul on the blue from Symons allowed him to close it out.

JOINT TOP SPOT FOR CON B (Match reports 24 10 19)

Con B and West Devon B saw the return of Con B Captain Steve Ewings to the table, after his return from Arctic Snooker training in the wilds of Sweden, and neither team could be happier. Drawn first against Dave Hoar both men went into this game with 100% records and though taking an early 20 point lead, Ewings lost out to Hoar who finished the final black to stop a respot, and thus keeping both men’s 100% records still intact.
The fourth meeting between Martin Mckechnie and John Rich in the second was also a tight affair with Mckechnie drawing the Con B level, potting the all important remaining black ball for the win, and ensuring his winning run against Rich was not spoilt.
Bob Lillicrap was made to work hard for his win against a solid snooker display from Roger Rich but Lillicrap came away with another win to continue his 100% win record this season.
The win was confirmed with Alan Lillicrap breezing through the challenge of John Boyd, notching a 15 and 14 break but failing to pot that 20 break making ball much to his annoyance.
Chris Hurford was drawn in the lucky last versus Con B’s Rich Eales, who after recovering from his drubbing at the hands of Symons the week before was in no mood to dally and promptly took the final frame and a deserved 1-4 win on away soil, which propelled Con B to joint top of the table. (By Alan Lillicrap)

Top of the table Con A were made to work hard for their 3 – 2 win over Con C and never really looked totally in control.
The first two frames went according to plan for the leaders with Evans senior and junior encountering little in the way of opposition from the C teams Jago and Davey.
Next up though it was the C teams Bassett that did what not too many players can do, dominating his frame against Carruthers.
Symons (21) then proceeded to draw the C team level in his game against Wiles, in what both players will agree was a somewhat scrapper affair for players of their high caliber.
Babb then came to the rescue as he eventually overcame a tenacious display from an obdurate Gary Langsford to secure the match for the A team.
The C team though can find solace in this result as their two frames took them up to 4th spot and completed a first time ever league table that saw the top four spots occupied by all four Con teams.


West Devon B punched above their weight on Thursday as they took out last year’s champs Golf A with a fine 3 – 2 win.
Hoar got the ball rolling for West Devon with close win over Scott although he needed his 22 break to do it.
Guest appearance from last year’s skipper Gawman soon had things back on a level par for Golf as he proved too strong for West Devon new boy Chris Hurford.
Back came West Devon curtesy of this year’s surprise package Boyd who kept his composure to take out Nigel Doidge in a black ball finish.
The game was then secured for West Devon with another knife edge game, this time it was Roger Rich who produced the goods to beat Mark Ninnis.
Turnbull then reduced the arrears for Golf with a comfortable win over John Rich but it was too little too late as West Devon took the plaudits.

The first appearance this season of Con B’s Alan Lillicrap brought nothing exciting to a tight match between Con B and Con C. Drawn in the first game of the night against veteran Clive Jago the pair struggled to convert the colours when given a chance but when all the reds had disappeared Lillicrap took the majority of the colours for the win. Much like the first match Bob Lillicrap and Carl Bassett struggled to pot the colours when presented and just like the first Con B’s Lillicrap scored enough in the end for the win. Steve Hall pulled a frame back for the Con C against Paul Lyall, taking an early lead and keeping it throughout. Lyall potted some good reds but again failed to convert the colours. Rich Eales versus Andy Symons in the forth and despite taking an early lead against Symons, Eales couldn’t stem the potting of Symons who racked up 22 and 47 breaks during his demolition job. All square going into the last and although still downbeat from his previous week’s loss, Nick ”Cometh the hour” Monk pulled off the win against Martyn Davey, giving Davey a 12 point starting lead through fouls wouldn’t have helped the nerves but Monk fought back well for a deserved 3-2 victory for Con B. (By Crappers)(Cheers mate)

CON Z STILL FULL STEAM AHEAD (Match reports 10 10 19)

Another scalp for Con Z against one of the league’s best sides, West Devon A, proved that their top of the league spot is merited and not just an apparition.
First to the table was the ever reliable Fitzsimmons who became the first person to take a frame off West Devon’s Brookes in three seasons, this set the tone for a fine win for the Cons.
Cons new signing Dolan got off to a flying start against Shrimpton (Jnr) but lost his way half way through and allowed Shrimpton back into the game, Shrimpton securing it with the black ball.
Bell had a difficult game against Heathman but retained his composure sufficiently to give the Cons a 2 – 1 lead.
Mayors likewise had to dig deep to overcome West Devon’s Taylor to take it to a 3-1 lead, and securing the match for the Cons.
The final game saw Cons Hodge, getting overwhelmed by a rampant Rich who took the frame and reduced his side’s deficit to one frame. (By Brian Palmer)

Like the weather the doom and gloom continued for Golf B as they went down to their third loss on the trot to a resurgent Con B.
Skipper Pope however took the first frame for Golf in a black ball finish against Cons Monk, but that was as good as it got for Golf.
McKechnie, Eales and Lyall then made the game safe for the Cons with Lillicrap (Snr) putting the ‘froth on the beer’ to make it 4 on the night.

Con A had little problem at West Devon 40 as they stepped up a gear going joint top of the league with a
5 – 0 win over the bottom side.
Evans (Jnr) got back to some sort of form with a solid win over West Devon’s King, a 22 break highlighting his dominance.
West Devon’s Williams and Hart put up spirited showings before eventually falling to Cons Babb and Bray (Super Sub) in close matches.
Carruthers comfortably made it four for the Cons over Grigg before Wiles made it a ‘max five’ after a tough battle with West Devon’s Allan.


The highest ever League break of 84 from Andy Symons was by far the talk of the night as Con C took out 4 man West Devon B 3 – 2.
Davey took the other frame of the night for the Cons to secure the match.
A couple of frames from Hoare (21) and John Rich over the Langsford sisters made sure that the West Devon did not go home completely empty handed.

Last year’s top two Con A and Golf A had a close contest with the Cons edging out the champs 3-2.
Wiles and Babb gave the Cons a dream start only for the enigmatic Ninnis to pull one back for Golf.
Not to be phased, Evans (Snr) secured the match for the Cons with a dominant display over Scott.
With Carruthers on last, a four frame win was looking odds on for the Cons, Turnbull however, had not been told this and proceeded to take charge of the frame and with a 26 break gave Carruthers a rare taste of defeat.


The welcome return of Brookes to the West Devon A side had an immediate impact as he waltzed away to an emphatic win over the West Devon 40’s Elliott.
Taylor had his chances to put the A team two up but fell at the last hurdle allowing Allen the chance to draw the 40’s level with a black ball finish.
K Rich soon restored the A teams lead with a convincing win over King, backed up by an equally dominant display from Heathman which sealed the match for the A team.
Shrimpton then put the ‘jam on the scone’ with a down to the wire, black ball win over Hart. A lovely 24 break from Hart would normally be enough to secure a win, but not on this occasion.
So a 4 – 1 win to the A team enabled them to start moving back up the table where they rightfully belong.

Another pleasing result for Con Z, this time running out 4 – 1 winners against Con B.
First to the Table was Hodge who performed a remarkable come back from being 27 points adrift against Lyall, using all his experience and guile to turn the result his way.
Next up was the B team’s Mckechnie against Fitzsimmons who looked to be very much in control and so it turned out, a fine win for Fitzsimmons.
Mayors for the Z team had a much easier ride against an impotent Ewings who put up very little resistance against his devastating onslaught.
The only sour point of the evening for the Z team was Symons failure to make any impact on Lillicrap, giving Con B their only game of the evening.
Bell was in good form and took the final game for the Z team with little or no trouble.
A fine solid win which had the added bonus of elevating the Z team to the top of the league. (By Brian Palmer)


Con C made a better fist of it in their second game of the season, bouncing back from their previous drubbing to secure a 3 – 2 win over West Devon 40.
Con’s new big name summer signing, Symons, did not take long to repay his transfer fee as he made short work of Shrimpton, although the later will be quietly satisfied with the 25 points he put on the board.
The Con’s lead was then stretched by Hall, whilst not at his fluent best, did enough to overcome a subdued Grigg.
West Devon’s Matthews then produced a dominant display against Neale to reduce the arrears for his team.
Captain Jago then battled out gritty win over King to secure the match for the Con’s.
Last on Hart made the score line more respectable for West Devon with a narrow victory over Con’s Davey.

West Devon B edged out Golf B 3 – 2 in a close encounter down by the riverside.
John Rich ‘posted’ West Devon’s first points on the board with a close win over Congo, only for the bubbles to be burst by a hammer blow from Pope as he took out Dan Rich.
Hoare restored West Devon’s lead in another close encounter to edge out Treble.
Not to make things too easy for his side, West Devon’s skipper Hooper then proceeded to fall to the guile of Appleton as the scores were then all level again.
Man of the moment Boyd then stepped up to the breach to give the spoils to West Devon as he overcame Golf’s Dodd in a well crafted victory.

SEASONS FIRST MAX FIVE GOES TO CON Z (Match reports 12 09 19)

An ideal start to the new season for Con Z picking up a Max Five over Con C.
Grand master against young apprentice, first up, and it was grand master Hodge for the Z team who had a fairly easy ride against Langsford (Jnr).
Next up was the Z team’s Fitzsimmons who made short work of Langsford (Snr) in a somewhat one sided match.
Z team’s Symons was next to the table to follow on the winning streak against Davey who never really got to grips with his opponent.
The next game was a more dangerous ride for Mayors after a slightly sticky start against the C team’s Basset, he turned the game around to take it to a re-spotted black before putting the game to bed in a thrilling finale.
With the score now 4 – 0 to the Z team, it was up to Jago to restore some credibility to the C team but despite a valiant rear-guard he failed in his attempt and the final score was stretched to 5 – 0 thanks to some able potting from Bell. (By Brian Palmer)

A tidy performance from Con B as they over - came Golf A 3 – 2 at the links.
Con’s Eales showed no mercy as he unceremoniously despatched Grant in the first frame, only for skipper Ewings to let the side down with an inept showing as he was equally easily dispatched by Golf’s skipper Doidge.
Turnbull then put Golf in front with a good win over Lyall, although it went down to the colours before he overcame a gritty performance from the later.
Soon it was all square again with the return from the wilderness of Monk who seemed to be making hard work of winning as he squandered a good lead on foul shots before composing himself to finish the job.
Going into the last frame it was Con’s McKechnie who did all the early running only to be pegged back by Bartlett before potting the black with a great finish to secure frame and game for the Cons (By Steve Ewings)

CONS ON TOP IN BATTLE OF THE A TEAMS (Match reports 05 09 19)

Con A kicked off their season in a positive manner with a pleasing 4 – 1 win over West Devon A.
West Devon however drew first blood with a superlative performance from Pinkney (25) who gave Evans (Jnr) little or no chance to establish his game.
Wiles drew the Cons level with a hard fought win over Heathman, needing the black ball to secure it.
The next two frames also went the Cons way with Carruthers (20) and Evans (Snr) hardly breaking into a sweat to dispose of Lawrence and Taylor.
The final frame was more about the pots each player missed rather than ones they got, but it was Cons Babb that held himself together to take a couple of nice late pots to overcome K Rich and make it 4 points for the Cons on the night.

Up at the lofty heights of the Golf Club it was local derby time as their A and B teams did battle.
Despite having a weaker side on paper this year than last it was the current champions Golf A that got the better of their neighbours 4 – 1.
Bartlett, newly promoted to the A Team, took the first frame as he edged out debutant White (Mother will be having words with him), in a close match.
The B team immediately bounced back with a solid showing from Bridgewater to remove new boy Read.
New Cornish import Wilton had no problems restoring the A Teams lead with a comfortable win over Treble, followed by Scott securing the A Teams victory with his win over Dodd.
Turnbull then placed ‘The cherry on the top’ for the A Team by taking out Congo.