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Next Committee Meeting Friday 1st November 2019 at 7.30pm.

PLEASE NOTE, Scotch Doubles is TWO Frame Aggregate, (not best of three)

Meeting is on Friday 11th October 2019. at 7.30pm.

FRIDAYS 4th OCT MEETING IS CANCELLED due to my family reasons, I will try to hold it the following Friday 11th circumstances permitting. I will try to keep the results updated asap. Sorry for short notice. Lance will update clubs and website with competitions asap.

Can all Captains please make sure all matches are played to a finish (the black ball) and not conceded part way through, even if the match is potentially won, as we play aggregate points and individual handicaps are based on that figure, as we want as accurate handicaps as possible so it doesn't help if points are given away.

Liverpool Open Championship, at Scotties Club last 32 qualifiers after the group stages, with a good number of Wallasey League players still in, best of luck to all.

2nd Round (Best of 5)
Sun 6th October

Matches 1-10 start at 10am
Matches 9-16 start approx 11.30am

1. W Brown v C Harvey
2. J Welsh v M Richardson
3. J Mulholland v C Smith
4. M McKeever v Ian Jones
5. J Whitty v A Fieldsend
6. C Humphries v A Molyneux
7. Jamie Jones v J Turner
8. A Jeffers v B Robertson
9. P Deaville v J Jenkins
10. P Stanley v P Ellis
11. I Brumby v A Brown
12. C Douglas v E Tully
13. D Crawford v P Horne
14. J Roberts v E Lott
15. B McCune v R Bennett
16. L Stephens v G Clark

Last 16 (Best of 5)
A. Winner M1 v M2
B. Winner M3 v M4
C. Winner M5 v M6
D. Winner M7 v M8
E. Winner M9 v M10
F. Winner M11 v M12
G. Winner M13 v M14
H. Winner M15 v M16

Quarter Finals
(Best of 5)

QF1. Winner Match A v B
QF2. Winner Match C v D
QF3. Winner Match E v F
QF4. Winner Match G v H

SEMI FINALS (Sun 20th Oct) Midday
(Best of 5)
SF1. Winner QF1 v QF2
SF2. Winner QF3 v QF4

FINAL (Best of 7)
Sun 20th Oct
Winner SF1 v SF2

Some information regarding Central Cons, as a team, they will not ask for any of their matches to be postponed & will not therefore accept any requests to postpone.
On behalf of the Central Cons team.

Just a reminder to team Captains about the rules regarding a request to postpone matches below, matches to be played asap but BEFORE Week 15

15.Matches cannot be postponed except in extenuating circumstances which may be accepted by the Secretary and Executive Committee, if not excepted match points are to be awarded to the non-defaulting team. Postponed matches must be played before either the last league match before any due handicap meeting or the final league fixture.

34. All fixtures must be played. (For the purpose of this rule a minimum number of players constituting a team shall be FOUR) Any team failing to complete their league fixtures or not notifying their opponents that they will not be able to attend on a match night, will have TWO points deducted from their record. Also be liable to committee censure, the teams players league and individual competition status may be in doubt.

Sad new that Alun Avery has passed away peacefully at home. Alun played for Seacombe Cons for many years, then latterly played at Wallasey Central Cons club, in a few teams. Alun's funeral is at Landican Centre Chapel Wednesday 25th September, 11am

On the Documents page I've put pdfs of the first ever Wallasey Snooker Championship in 1924 and the names of the 32 players who entered which started on 2nd February 1924, it was played alongside the Billiards Championship, took place in the Billiard Room at the New Brighton Tower. There is also a cartoon of the players and officials. I hope you enjoy looking back at our history almost 100 years ago, it took me a lot of time and research to find these items. I have a couple more billiard results from 1912 I will put on soon.

Adam Noonan has very kindly sent me a nice little excel program to work on a smart phone, that will form a match card with all teams and players on a drop down list together with handicaps which will automatically total up handicaps and scores, as a check to confirm the card details. There maybe some late registration players names omitted though until they are added. Anyone who wants it let me know and I will send it to you, or contact Adam. But in case of any recent changes of handicaps it will need to be checked with the website handicaps as they will be correct.

If you wish to receive weekly league updates and other info. Register you email address on the Subscribe page link above, your email is not used for anything else only to get Wallasey updates, if you wish for an email address to be deleted let me know.

All Wallasey competition entry forms and fees have to be returned at Fridays Meeting, some competition draws may take place after the meeting.

A sample NEW result card is on the pictures page.

Next Committee Meeting is Friday 6th September 2019 at 7.30pm. Fixture books and the NEW Style result cards will be given out to each team representative at this meeting. The Committee has decided due to the small number of Clubs now in the League, that a representative for EVERY team shall attend each monthly Committee Meeting, failure of any team to attend would mean a TWO point deduction for the team concerned, this rule includes the September meeting and each monthly meeting after.

All fixtures and individual player handicaps are now on the website, the season starts on Tuesday and Thursday 10th and 12th September 2019

Next Committee Meeting is Friday 2nd August 2019 at 7.30pm. The Committee has decided due to the small number of Clubs now in the League, that a representative for EVERY team shall attend each monthly Committee Meeting, failure of any team to attend would mean a TWO point deduction for the team concerned.

To clarify the Century proposal (only No. !) that was passed at the AGM. the full proposal PDF is now back on the documents page

Next Meeting is Friday 12th July 2019 at 7.15pm, this is to discuss the individual handicaps, as in previous handicap meetings 1 rep per team may attend. A Committee Meeting will follow the handicap meeting at hopefully around 8.30pm. I will use the website aggregate scores records to format a handicap for all the players that I have records for.

Update from the AGM, Individual Handicaps proposal was passed and will now be used to form the team handicap. This is to enable teams to sign players on but not be penalised by a team handicap if unable to play. So each player will be allocated a 1 frame handicap which will have to be entered on the result card then all 6 totalled up and then doubled to get the team handicap for that league match, with no change to the current method of playing the matches, so still playing off scratch as previously.

Wallasey Competition entry forms are on the documents page these will have to be returned by the September Meeting together with entry fees.

Victorious 2019 Merseyside B team info and photos on the pictures page.