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Hello All

Just a note from Cliff Ayres from the Chalfont St Giles Club.

There is only a male WC at this venue, could you please let any female spectators you may take know this.

15 04 2018

Hello All.

I've played in the Premier A league for some years; and all Premier A teams use good quality match balls on match nights.

I've just started to play for a Premier B team and no teams I played against so far use match balls!

Emails have been sent out in the past stating good match balls were to be use, this is obviously not the case in Premier B.

We know money is tight; but many players in Premier A have clubbed together and purchased their own sets. Aramith Tournament Balls cost around 120.00 per set.

Obviously the purchase of new match balls wont happen right away, so any player with their own set please take them to home and away games, so they can be used for that match.
If the away player is happy with the quality of balls being used on an away match nights then just use those.

Thank you

The Committee.

I've just been reminded by another player that all tables should be brushed, blocked and ironed before a match, this would improve the enjoyment of playing on match nights.